I Love What I Do because of YOU !    

 Scherie Gates
   Wedding Officiant since 2005 for more than 200 happy couples
    I Love What I Do ~Because of You !

  An Ordained Interfaith Minister.
 also I serve as a Wedding Ceremony Planner.
 My specialty is creating Personal Wedding Ceremonies. 
Whether they are short and sweet or involve more planning. 
The meetings are to create YOUR CEREMONY Together - 
choose songs, readings,vows, unity ceremonies, ceremonies to include children.. 
  couples counseling? NONE...not at all.  
It is all about creating a truly special Unique Wedding Ceremony.
I Travel to Your Ceremony Location ~ I have options for Short & Sweet Ceremonies in West Branch
I live 15 minutes from Iowa City, Iowa. 
West Branch, Iowa ~ located right on I-80 
                   My religion is to be a good person. Be respectful, kind, honest and have fun.  
             My favorite compliment is It was Perfect Just what we wanted.... It was so US!
              I began with one wedding ceremony in 2005 to over now over 200 ceremonies.

            Ceremony Options__
  1. I will sign Wedding Certificate with simple ceremony with vows & ring exchange with Couple and their  2 witnesses*_____
   2.. Some like Short & Sweet.  At the couples choice of location ______
 your witnesses and a few family & friends
Ceremony includes my standard Ceremony which includes Wedding Poem, Marriage & Ring Exchange Vows and Pronouncement
3.  Some Like a Simple Personal Wedding Ceremony_________. 
 With my collection of poems, marriage & ring exchange vows,
and Unity Ceremonies for couples and with children. we create your personal ceremony.
You enjoy choosing what You love and want in Your ceremony.  
We meet 3 times in my office;emails;Skype;FaceTime ~ to create Your personal ceremony. 
  4.. Some want to share "their Love story" in their Personal Wedding Ceremony.
 I n your way with your ideas ~ my ideas and 9 years of experience ~  
 Your Love story will be in a fun & heartfelt Message Especially for You ~ 

  Every couple receives a Keepsake Copy of their Wedding Ceremony ~ 
  We meet in my office or with Skype & FaceTime.
          From our first meeting until couples say " I DO " 
my focus is to make sure everything is just as we discussed and planned.        
             We make everything just right!
My follow through involves; arriving early on wedding day;  
 I make sure everything is set. Music. Unity Ceremony Table.  
To guide and assist all those who have their special roles and jobs in Your Wedding.
Plus, I am with the Ushers, to make sure all guests are comfortable, seated and everything begins on time. 
I am there to guide everyone through each step & to be available for questions.

          We Have Fun, Create Heartfelt Moments and most importantly ~                      
           Couples celebrate their True Love ~ with their True Love :)


             For Inspirational Coaching & Encouragement

                          "In The Green Room"

                  Workshops ~ Personal Program ~ Sessions

                                        Saying Yes to You !

      We create Your very own Green Room to DeStress.Reflect & Celebrate You !


                           I Love What I Do - Because Of You !

                                   One Change can Change everything. 

                                                        Take Little steps and You let the Big steps take care of themselves.

 SunFlowers feel Happy ~


   Lighten UP ~ Feel Good Being YOU!

 Being You is the Most Important thing you will ever do


                                          You Should Know 

#1 -  First.  Everything I share and teach is from my own personal experience. 

#2 - Lighten UP ~ Feel Good is a Practice of paying more attention to what feels good 

#3 - Feeling Good is when we are Being Ourselves. Stress is when we are not.

 With my  Lighten UP! ~ 5 Part Process  You will see it works with any situation or experience.

                                                          Change & Challenge affects everyone ~ The choices You make .. make all the difference.

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