Scherie Gates 
  I Love What I Do ~Because of You !
I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister. I refer to myself as an officiant. and my religion is to be a good person. Be respectful, kind, honest and have fun.  
My favorite compliment I hear often is 'Down to Earth'.  
 I began with one wedding ceremony in 2005 to where I now officiate 
over 30 weddings ceremonies a year.
1. Some are Short & Sweet. In my office or to the couples choice of location.
A short & Sweet wedding ceremony with their witnesses with a few family & friends
Wedding Message.Vows.Ring Exchange.Unity Ceremony and Pronouncement.
2. Some want a Simple WeddingCeremony. Close Family and Friends. At the location of the couples choosing.   I have saved many poems and vows over the years.  
Couples can choose their own Vows & readings if they like.
3. Some want a Personal Wedding Ceremony. We meet and plan all aspects, together.
 I meet with couples in my office, Skype & FaceTime to create their personal ceremony in their way with their ideas and my experience.                      
    We make everything just right.
From our first meeting until couples say 'I DO" I am making sure everything is just as we discussed and planned. My follow thru involves arriving 1 1/2 hours early on wedding day, to make sure all is set. Plus, I help Ushers make sure all guests are comfortable, seated and everything begins on time. I am there to guide everyone thru each step. 
  We Have Fun, Heartfelt Moments and most importantly ~                      
      Couples celebrate their True Love ~ with their True Love :)
note: I am also available for Justice of the Peace Style. 
contact me for this service : call or email

                                                     In The Green Room     

                              I refer to my office as The Green Room 

 The Green Room is a room, where performers can relax before or after appearances.                                          In My Green Room  you relax, Laugh a little ... or a lot and create.  I love the Sunflower because it wakes up and opens to the Sun.  There are a million little seeds of ideas.   And I just feel Happier looking at them.  That is why I have adopted the sunflower as my reminder to Lighten UP.  
                                   And flowers are for sharing with others ~~~~

   Lighten UP ~ It's UP to You

 Being You is the Most Important thing you will ever do

                       as a 'Lighten UP' Coach

                          The focus is  on your Wellness & Happiness.  

            We use a simple non-evasive process to Identify your SOS Call 

     then create a personal simple effective plan of what to do to clear the Stress.

                           There are 4 Stages Of Stress "SOS"  

                                1- Digressed ; off your path 

                                2- Stress ; affecting your health. sleep. peace of mind 

                                3- Distress; double stressed

                               4- Crisis; something must change now.

      Don't wait for a crisis, Let's get to the Heart of the Stress - Take the first step for YOU!                   

              1-  I do not counsel or tell you what to do or fix anything. 
            2- I share how this has worked and works for me.  
                                                              3- I have special Journal pages to help you apply this process to your own Life.
             4- You LightenUP ! You discover new options ~ you can de-stress 

I have raised 3 awesome kids on my own.  We had our share of trauma and tragedy.  Then in 1999, to top it all off, I had a horse fall on me.  I explain to some, I felt like Scarecrow on Wizard of Oz.  The lower part of my body was 'not' all going in the same direction.  These past 15 years have been learning and discovering my healing is always UP to Me. 

         Laughter is necessary & being kinder to myself - the Lighten UP part.  The discovery ~ it's a Mind, Body, Spirit thing. 


     If you feel it's time to give yourself a Break.  To Lighten UP - laugh more and stop taking everything too seriously.  Try 1 session.

 The sessions are 90 minutes. Begin with one.  Then if you would like to work together and create  your  own plan, I also offer a special with 2 sessions or a   Program of 4 sessions.  

We can also do this together in a workshop with some of your friends. 

 I also hold workshops for Create Your Vision Journal - Fun !    If you would like to host a workshop of 6 or more.  Your cost is waived as my gratitude !


 I have created an effective Journal pages where I share Truths N Tools.  I like to call TNT.  These pages are  yours to have, keep and use with your Lighten UP sessions and workshops.  Use for More peace of mind and More happiness.  

                              Your surprise will be how the big things fall into place when you start with the little things.    

  Let me know by email or include in a message, if you would like an extra 30 minutes before your very 1st session for questions.

  Energy work is also available, you can ask more about this in your first session.

~To Schedule a Lighten UP Session  contact me by email or use my online-scheduler.  

~Contact me by email if you would like to host a workshop.

 Also - important for you to know,  there are 20 stairs to my office, in case that would be a physical challenge.