I Love What I Do because of YOU !    

 Scherie Gates
   Wedding Officiant since 2005 for more than 200 happy couples
    I Love What I Do ~Because of You !

  An Ordained Interfaith Minister.
I also am a Wedding Ceremony Planner... if you need one.
 My specialty is creating Personal Wedding Ceremonies. 
Whether they are short and sweet or involve more planning. 
The meetings are to create YOUR CEREMONY Together - 
choose songs, readings,vows, unity ceremonies, ceremonies to include children.. 
 I do not do couples counseling... at all.  
It is all about creating a truly special Unique Wedding Ceremony.
I Travel to You ~~
                   My religion is to be a good person. Be respectful, kind, honest and have fun.  
             My favorite compliment is It was Perfect Just what we wanted.... It was so US!
              I began with one wedding ceremony in 2005 to over now over 200 ceremonies.

            Ceremony Options__
  1. I will sign Wedding Certificate with Couple and 2 witnesses*_____
   2.. Some like Short & Sweet.  At the couples choice of location ______
 your witnesses and a few family & friends
Ceremony includes Wedding Poem, Marriage & Ring Exchange Vows and Pronouncement
3.  Some Like a Simple Personal Wedding Ceremony_________. 
 With my collection of poems, marriage & ring exchange vows,
and Unity Ceremonies for couples and with children. You enjoy choosing what You love and want in Your ceremony.  
We meet 3 times to create Your personal ceremony.
  4.. Some want to share "their Love story" in their Personal Wedding Ceremony.
 I n your way with your ideas ~ my ideas and 9 years of experience ~  
 Your Love story will be in a fun & heartfelt Message Especially for You ~ 

  Every couple receives a Keepsake Copy of their Wedding Ceremony ~ 
  We meet in my office or with Skype & FaceTime.
          From our first meeting until couples say " I DO " 
my focus is to make sure everything is just as we discussed and planned.        
             We make everything just right!
My follow through involves; arriving early on wedding day;  
 I make sure everything is set. Music. Unity Ceremony Table.  
To guide and assist all those who have their special roles and jobs in Your Wedding.
Plus, I am with the Ushers, to make sure all guests are comfortable, seated and everything begins on time. 
I am there to guide everyone through each step & to be available for questions.

          We Have Fun, Create Heartfelt Moments and most importantly ~                      
           Couples celebrate their True Love ~ with their True Love :)


             For Inspirational Coaching & Encouragement

                          "In The Green Room"

                  Workshops ~ Personal Program ~ Sessions

                                        Saying Yes to You !

      We create Your very own Green Room to DeStress.Reflect & Celebrate You !


                           I Love What I Do - Because Of You !

                                   One Change can Change everything. 

                                                        Take Little steps and You let the Big steps take care of themselves.

 SunFlowers feel Happy ~


   Lighten UP ~ Feel Good Being YOU!

 Being You is the Most Important thing you will ever do


                                          You Should Know 

#1 -  First.  Everything I share and teach is from my own personal experience. 

#2 - Lighten UP ~ Feel Good is a Practice of paying more attention to what feels good 

#3 - Feeling Good is when we are Being Ourselves. Stress is when we are not.

 With my  Lighten UP! ~ 5 Part Process  You will see it works with any situation or experience.

                                                          Change & Challenge affects everyone ~ The choices You make .. make all the difference.

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